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KP K-Sensor


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High resolution imaging 25 Ip/mm theoretical resolution

With the leading16-bit ADC chip. bringing you up to 600000+ Gray Scale.
High-definition sensor up 2.2 million pIxels. more details. better picture quality with a theoretical resolution of 25 lp/mm, bringing a high level of clarity and detail to your digital radiography. 

Simple and comfortable placement
Thinnest sensor 4.4mm

With an ergonomically optimaed Cut-Corners and 4.4mrn thickness, sensor placement is easier than ever (plus, the thinner sensor specifically allows lot better bitweing radiographs and simplified vertical bitewing acquisition

Durable and Reliable 70000+bending test

K-Sensor is designed to prevent any kind of damages in its everyday use.Based on actual usage.After tens of thousands of bending experiments, the product is durable. 

Easy-to-use software
Smart and powerful software

K-Sensor provides simple and easy-to-operate software.and equipped with powerful image processing can significantly and quickly improve the quality of radiographs. 

Complete protection against dust and water

K-Sensor rated at IP68.the highest level of the Ingress Protection. Can be immersed in disinfectant liquid to avoid cross infection. 

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