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KETTENBACH Futar® D Fast (50ml X2)


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A-Silicone Bite Registration

2 x 50 ml cartridge

Futar® D Fast is the twice-as-fast addition-curing bite registration material with extremely high final hardness (Shore-D 43). Twice as fast because it sets both quickly and easily, and can thus be carried out quickly. Total working time 15 sec., mouth retention time 45 sec. It is easy to shape and trim.

Product advantages
  • Extremely high final hardness of Shore-D 43
  • Low elasticity
  • Extra quick working time of 15 seconds, extra short intraoral setting time
  • High thixotropy
  • Precise results, maximum convenience

Benefits for the dentist
  • Can be trimmed with rotary instruments; the correct bite relationship can be checked intraorally, as excess segments can be broken off.
  • No elastic rebound when articulating the two models.
  • Minimal time required, reduced risk of distortion during intraoral setting; more comfortable for the patient.
  • Does not flow into in the interdental spaces, easy removal from the mouth.
  • Ensures easy handling and maximum precision.

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