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Kerr SonicFill Composite Unidose Tip


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SingleFill™ Composite System

Introducing the new advanced SonicFill 3 SingleFill™ Composite System. It is the industry's first sonic-activated bulk fill composite system that helps you create quality restorations with greater ease and speed compared to an incremental layering technique.

The new SonicFill™ 3 is the first Sonic Activated bulk fill composite that behaves like a fluid material in terms of adaptation and quick placement, as well as a mouldable composite when it comes to carving and contouring.

Achieve durable restorations in one efficient step.


  • Cure depth of 5 mm with SingleFill Composite System
  • Improved fit to interior walls and restoration edges
  • Better non-sticky handling
  •  Easier to extrude during installation
  • Low shrinkage stress for enduring marginal integrity

Combines the best benefits of both a flowable and a moldable composite.

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