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KEJU | Dental Unit K917


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Swivel ceramic cuspidor (Rotatable)

• Backrest with fast movement function.

• One touch for 3 functions: chair movement, bowl rinse, and operation light.

• 2 positions simplify the treatment.

• Integrated floor box with chair base, no cables on

the floor, hygienic and clean.

• The control panel on the instrument tray is multi-functional

for all the applications of the dental unit.

• Air brake on instrument tray ensures safe operation.

• Innovated suction filter benefits for easy cleaning.

• Improved assistant holder integral with full assistant control, high suction, saliva ejector, angle syringe, and spare holder.

• Integrated private tissue box.

Dental Chair

• Seamless upholstery

• One dentist stool

Instrument Element

• Hanging-type instrument tray

• Two high-speed and one low-speed handpiece hoses 4 holes.

• One syringe (cold)

• Two spare holder

Assistant Element

• Full assistant control

• One syringe (warm)

• One strong suction and one saliva ejector

 .Two spare holder

Unit Box

• Water heating system

• Distilled water system with built-out type bottle

• plastic tissue box

• cup fill and bowl rinse system

Operation Light

• LED operation light with sensor

• Light composite filter

Control System

• One composite pedal switch

and one chair-controlling


• One control panel on the instrument tray 

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