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Ivoclar Vivadent IPS e.max CAD_CAM


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IPS e.max CAD is the world's best-selling glass-ceramic1. It is suitable for the efficient fabrication of full-contour restorations and it is known for its versatile application options, comprehensive range of restoration types and for its high strength of 530 MPa2.

Both its esthetic properties and durability have been confirmed in everyday clinical practice. As a result, the material can be used to fashion full-contour crowns of only 1-mm thickness, which are subsequently seated with the adhesive technique.


IPS e.max CAD Crystall./ Shades/Stains and Glaze is a universal range of stains and glazes. The glaze is available in two versions - with or without fluorescent effect. Minor corrections (e.g. proximal contact areas) can be applied to IPS e.max CAD restorations using IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Add-On.

Comprehensive range of applications

A wide variety of restorations can be produced with these materials – from thin veneers to three-unit bridges (up to the second premolar as the terminal abutment). High esthetic standards are fulfilled due to the four different levels of translucency of the A-D shades and the special Bleach and Impulse shades.

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