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ITENA Dentoclic - Fiber Post (1pc)


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Dentoclic glass-fiber posts are made of 80% unidirectionnal parallel oriented glass fibers embedded in 20% of epoxy-resin. This type of post enables minimally invasive direct restorations.

Excellent mechanical properties for a reduced risk of fracture

  • Homogeneous distribution of the mechanical constraints
  • Excellent resistance to flexion (836Mpa) thanks to its many longitudinal glass-fibers
  • Elastic behavior similar to dentin

Highly translucent posts

  • Excellent distribution of the light in the whole material
  • Allows polymerization of the core build-up material on all of the post surface

Other advantages

  • Mechanical and chemical retention thanks to the bond between the core build-up composite material and the glass fiber post
  • High radiopacity (232% Al)
  • Biocompatible
  • No risk of corrosion or coloration
  • Compatible with Dentoclic drills

Package: 1 piece

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