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Inox Nanoksa Gingiva 8 Syringe Kit


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Light-Cured Gingiva Shade System

Nanoksa Gingiva was designed to recreate the natural gum shades. With this light-curing composite gingiva tissues can be reproduced by means of basic or multiple layering techniques. It is fully compatible with the Nanoksa LAB (indirect bonding) Zirconium Restorative Composite System. Nanoksa Gingiva also delivers unlimited possibilities for characterization of acrylic dentures.

Even in cases of smaller or larger ceramic restorations, (implant technique, partial denture) the natural appearance of the gingiva can easily be restored.


  • Gum shades based on natural gingival shades
  • Variety of gum shades and modifiers
  • Composition based on Nanoksa LAB
  • Zirconium filled composite with high strength and wear resistance
  • Non-sticky texture


  • Natural appearance
  • Individual adaptation to natural gingival shades
  • Perfect shade reproduction for high aesthetic demands
  • Unlimited possibilities for gingival shade imitation
  • Easy application and build-up
  • Easy to polish and clean with tooth brush
  • Perfect adaptation to Nanoksa LAB composite system
  • Long service life


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