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IMICRYL Biofactor MTA 0.250g


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MTA Powder


Made in Turkey

MTA(Mineral Trioxide aggregate) is a tricalcium silicate-based bioactiveMTA repair cement that can be used universally for vital pulp and other endodontic and pediatric indications in primary and permanent teeth.

High RadiopacityHigh Radiopacity

Biocompatible, Promote HealingBiocompatible, Promote Healing

Adaptable mixing ratio based on procedureAdaptable Mixing Ratio Based On Procedure

Resists washoutResists Washout

  • Finer powder for faster hydration,Sets quickly,Biocompatible,High Radiopacity
  • Strong Sealing Properties won’t discolor teeth,Washout resistant when placed
  • Better mixing, handling and placement(based on procedure flow or puty cons.)

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