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Harvard LiquidCord Retraction Paste for Temporary Gingival Displacement 0.7g


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Harvard LiquiCord®- 0.7g syringe: 
is a retraction paste with
hemostatic effect for temporary gingival displacement.
Depending on the clinical situation and the
respective mode of operation, it can be used
directly or with conventional retraction cord.
If necessary with the aid of compression caps.
Harvard LiquiCord® is well compatible with
vinylpolysiloxane impression materials

For the Dentist:
Easy to use
Safe application
Time saving
For the Patient:
Gentle to the mucosa
Neutral taste

Applications :

… for accurate impressions the gingiva retraction is very important: after a tooth preparation the gingival sulcus
normally is filled with saliva, blood or other liquids and therefore not accessible for the impression material. This
requires effective retraction with Harvard LiquiCord®. It temporarily displaces the gingiva and keeps the sulcus dry
and protected. In addition Harvard LiquiCord® has a hemostatic effect.
Harvard LiquiCord® can be used for all indications of temporary displacement of the marginal gingiva
and to provide a dry and expanded sulcus:
For digital impressions
For conventional impressions
Impressions for restaurations (temporary and permanent)
Preparations of class II and V

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