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GC-America Fuji II LC


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GC Fuji II LC CAPSULE is a light-cured glass ionomer restorative with outstanding flexural strength and excellent bond strength to teeth even in presence of saliva. It is available in premeasured unit dose capsules for no-mess mixing. GC Fuji II LC CAPSULE’s exceptional esthetics, simplicity and economy make it a fantastic choice for Class V restorations, cervical erosions/abfraction lesions and as a liner/base.

  • Outstanding aesthetics
    • 10 Vita2 shades
    • Excellent translucency
  • Continual rechargeable fluoride release
    • Strengthens tooth structure
    • Secondary decay almost 10 times more fluoride release than compomers3
  • Easy procedure
    • Reduced chair time
    • Fewer steps than composites
  • Clinically proven
    • Clinically insoluble
    • Biocompatible and radiopaque
    • Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion
    • After two years: 100% retention, no sensitivity, no evidence of secondary caries and no change in surface luster 1
  • Triple Cure Properties
    • Strong bond to tooth
    • 2 phases of self-curing:
      • Resin mechanical adhesion
      • Glass ionomer chemical bond
    • Helps prevent microleakage
    • Seals and protects restoration
    • No undercuts, primers or bonding agents are required
    • Chemical cure, light-curing provides immediate strength and allows immediate finishing

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