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GC-America EQUIA Forte HT Fil


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Bulk fill glass hybrid long term restorative system

1 capsule

Made in Japan

Restorations that cross generations. Building on the success of the clinically proven EQUIA family, the new EQUIA Forte HT is a strong biocompatible long-term bulk fill restorative system (Fil & Coat) with enhanced mechanical properties, superior fluoride release, excellent handling and improved translucency. The unique glass hybrid technology with intelligent particle size distribution and synergistic coat make EQUIA Forte HT restorative system a versatile and durable restorative solution, ideal for patients of all ages, including pediatric, geriatric, high caries risk and special care patients.

Recommended indications

  • Class I restorations
  • Stress bearing Class II restorations (see technique guide for cavity preparations)
  • Non-stress bearing Class II restorations
  • Intermediate restorative
  • Class V and root surface restorations
  • Core build up

Highly versatile applications

  • Amalgam replacement / alternative
  • Restoration of molar incisor hypomineralised teeth (MIH)
  • Restorations for geriatric and pediatric patients
  • Restoration of posterior teeth in high-caries risk patients

Fast & easy to handle

  • Packable, non-sticky and moisture-tolerant (no rubber-dam needed), ensuring a fast and easy bulk placement
  • No need for conditioning or bonding with its inherent chemical adhesion and outstanding wettability
  • Prolonged working time and short setting time, making the total procedure from application to coating of only 3'25"
  • Optimized flip-top coat bottle design provide ergonomics and minimize waste time & material

Strong & durable

  • Intelligent particle distribution and interaction in the filling matrix
  • Stronger and chemically more stable cement matrix thanks to the high-molecular-weight polyacrylic acid
  • EQUIA Forte Coat nano-fillers increases surface hardness and wear resistance for long-lasting restorations
  • Excellent biocompatibility & biomimetic properties
  • High fluoride release, ideal for high-caries risk
  • Excellent bulk fill material for Class I & extended Class II restorations (cavities that do not include cusps)


  • Increased translucency due to matched refractive indice
  • EQUIA Forte HT makes your posterior restoration more natural and aesthetic

Highly versatile applications

  • Smart restorative treatment solution for high caries risk, pediatric, elderly and special care patients
  • Suitable for many indications, from amalgam replacement to treatment of molar incisor hypomineralisation (MIH)


  • EQUIA Forte HT is a reliable system based on 12 years of clinical experience with the EQUIA family

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