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GC-America Equia Fil


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EQUIA is a unique restorative system for aesthetic and economical posterior restorations with impressive strengths on all levels. The EQUIA system unites EQUIA Fil, a new generation of glass ionomer, and EQUIA Coat, a highly-filled resin coating material that brings glass ionomer technology to the next level.

Compared to other long-term restorative options EQUIA gives a substantial time advantage. The incomparable aesthetics widen your posterior restorative options to fulfil your patients’ expectations. Being clinically proven over several years, this system offers a great alternative for your long-term routine fillings.

The restorative dentist’s primary objective includes minimizing the following: invasiveness, operative time, and trauma. Some moisture tolerance, good wear resistance, and sustained fluoride release are also important in a restorative material. EQUIA Fil is a comprehensive, glass ionomer-based, bulk-fill, rapid restorative system. Indicated for Class I, II, and V cavities as an alternative to amalgams and composites, particularly in the pediatric, geriatric, and special needs situations, EQUIA Fil is a one-step posterior restorative with easy handling and excellent aesthetics. It can also be used for high caries-risk patients and as a core build-up material. There is clinical evidence that the resin coating optimizes its physical properties. It is easy and convenient to place, self-adhesive with no bonding steps, and moist field-compatible. EQUIA Fil’s sustained fluoride release protects the marginal integrity of restorations and tips the microenvironment of the restored tooth toward the antibacterial. 

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