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FibraPost Lux - (PD Dental)


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FIBRAPOST LUX is recommended to retain restorative cores and reinforce endodontically treated teeth. The post is made of translucent longitudinal glass fibers bundled in a proprietary transparent resin matrix to provide outstanding flexural strength and help to preserve the natural lifelike esthetics that are desired when all ceramic restorations are prescribed. With a longitudinal modulus of elasticity and a shear strength close to that of dentine, its mechanical properties are ideal for a homogeneous reconstruction which minimizes the risks of root fracture. In addition, the post is designed with a series of serrations cut into the surface, to provide self-retention regardless of the cementation media used. Moreover, the gentle taper of the FIBRAPOST LUX corresponds to the natural anatomy of the tooth and perfectly matches the post space created by the DRILL-A-POST.

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