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EzSensor + EzRay Premium + Clinic System Bundle


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EzSensor Classic

  • Ultra-Slim for Easy Positioning
  • Patient Oriented Design.
  • Trustworthy Image 


Slim, CMOS ensures that patients are as comfortable as possible.

  • Placing and positioning a sensor in the patient’s mouth is still challenging.
  • Over the years digital sensor technology has been improved to achieve patient comfort.
  • VATECH R&D Center found out the thickness that minimizes pain from the test, and lead the technology maintaining the thickness while using CMOS chip. 


Rounded corner design allows maximum comfortable placement against soft tissue.

  • Patients feel pain because delicate oral mucosa gets pressure from a hard sensor corner. Rounded corner can reduce that pain. But it has a possibility of reducing active image area. This is the technology that sustains the perfect balance between them.
  • Ergonomically designed sensors in 3 different sizes meet the needs of various cases. The rounded & cut edges provide best possible comfort for the patients. The Vatech’s unique size 1.5 sensor fits almost all patients. 


EzSensor Classic provides the image for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • EzSensor Classic covers a wide range of exposure setting, capturing a consistent and diagnosable image. With our high sensitivity sensor, you can capture a diagnosable images under any conditions, even when using old X-Ray sources. Patients can get advantage of the lower radiation.
  • Thanks to the high contrast, it could be possible to look inside different density(opacity) in detail. Moreover, you can distinguish interproximal carries from the image easily. 

EzRay Premium

  • EzRay Premium provides diagnostic values with advanced technology. A focal spot of 0.4 mm create sharpen images perfectly matched to whatever digital intraoral sensor, PSP or film product you use.

User friendly
Easy to use
Intuitive icons on LED screen Detachable panel
Optimized automatic settings
EzRay Premium has a pre-programmed setting for each tooth. With one click of a button, it automatically optimizes image capturing such as capture area and patient condition for each case.

Focal Spot: 0.4mm 

Tube Voltage: Selectable 50 ~ 70kVp 

Current: 4 ~ 7 mA 

Exposure Time: Selectable 0.04 ~ 2.0 sec 

Arm Length (Option): 450, 600, 900 mm 

Line Voltage: 100 ~ 230V ± 10% 

Accessories: Exposure hand switch 

Cone: Round 20cm (8") Option: Round 30cm (12"), Rectangular 20cm / 30cm (8" / 12")

Clever Dent Starter
Appointment Calendar
Digital Calendar may be exactly what you need. Calendar helps you streamline your dental workflow to stay productive everyday. Just as with a paper planner, you’ll be able to manage patient's appointments with 5 status: Scheduled, Confirmed, In Clinic, No Show, Canceled 

Appointment Reminder & Follow up Care
Select the patient Appointment and send reminder via Whatsapp ! Often, missed appointments are a result of the patient forgetting the appointment date. Eliminate this inconvenience for providers and patients by adding the appointment to the patient calendar and following up with a reminder a few days prior. After the treatment is done, you can send follow up messages for better patient care and treatment success.

The Waiting Room Videos
Free waiting room videos are embedded for Clever Dent with 11 main dental procedures such as Implant, teeth brushing
Those are designed to promote better care awareness at your clinic, while encouraging patients to engage in conversations.


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