EVE Diasynt Plus Diacera HP 321 set stone 9 pcs


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Two-step diamond polishing system for ceramic, specially designed for CAD / CAM restorations as well as for oxide ceramics

This specially coordinated and filled with exquisite diamond grit polishers are particularly suitable for adjusting and correcting CAD / CAM restorations. 

The finishing and polishing of framework ceramics is easily possible.

  • Green (medium) = 1st stage: smoothing and pre-polishing
  • Orange (fine) = 2nd stage: High-gloss finish
  •  9 pieces: DYP-14g-13g DYP, DYP-8g, SL20DCmf, H2DCmg, H8DCmf, SL20DC, H2DC, H8DC
  • EMRP / rec .: 7000-12000 min max .: 20,000 rpm

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