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Ergonom X Self Developing x-ray film (50pcs)


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Instant-flm ERGONOM-X Class D films allow immediate diagnosis, avoid dispersion of liquids,
making it easy to collect in the can. They offer excellent achievability: 10 years of the sealing of
the image fixed after the development and fixing operation. They exhibit high image quality and
improved quality of the outer finishing of the plastic soft PVC wrap.

Pack of 50 films 30.5 x 40.5 mm. Class D. More practice for retro-alopecia x-rays thanks to the
ergonomic form that allows for a deeper introduction into the oral cavity.

The self-developing film allows you to get a perfectly developed image and fix it in just 50
seconds. The monoblock is contained in a special flexible container made with high barrier
materials that guarantee perfect preservation of the chemical properties for over 18 months. It
is ideal for emergency situations (failure of RVG software, absence of the server, etc.) or
simply to use a tool that eliminates the need to equip a darkroom, buy bottles of development
and fixing liquids or simply save on the costs as each individual film corresponds to a specific
quantity of developing and fastening liquid. No waste of material and no chemical release on
your hands or study, following the instructions you can extract the film without dispersion of

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