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Eleego Mars 3 Pro


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Elegoo Mars 3 Ultra 4K MONO LCD RESIN 3D PRINTER

→Excellent Industrial Design

Exquisite Appearance

industrial-grade design

panel integration offers convenient and neat steps

→Excellent Printing Accuracy

it Provides 30% improvement compared to the 2K screen of Mars 2

→Powerful COB Light Source

XY resolution: 0.035(4098*2560px)

→Solid Linear Rail and Sandblasted Build Plate

Works smoothly and silently

Model sticks firmly and not easy to fall off

→Elegoo Mars 3 Ultra 4K monochrome LCD

The Elegoo Mars 3 Ultra 4K is with a 6.6-inch monochrome LCD & resolution of 4098*2560.

higher printing efficiency

30% higher than Mars 2 series

more stable performance, and less maintenance.

its printing volume is 37% higher than Mars 2, XY accuracy is up to 35 microns

→Upgrade the light source structure

It uses a 6.6-inch ultra-4K high-resolution monochrome LCD, an upgraded COB UV light source structure

36 highly integrated LED lights with a newly designed free-form surface lens

the light uniformity exceeds 90%, bringing more precise printing dimensional accuracy.

→Release film 2.0

The lower release tension protects the small supports from being broken

the completeness of the printed model details is greatly improved.

→Heat dissipation structure

greatly optimizes the heat dissipation performance and reduces light decay

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