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Eighteeth Brilliance Loupes


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Brilliance Loupes By Eighteeth

“ Because What You See Matters “

1- Brilliance loupes:
Three Hinges Type Flip-Up Function ( Ultra-Light Alloy ).

Schott Glass:
High Resolution, Clear & Sharp Field of View.

Refined lens coatings:
Multi-layer coating technology, Anti-fog, Anti-scratch, Anti-glare,to ensure more visible light through the glass.

Aerospace-grade aluminium magnesium alloy: 
Our loupes are exceptionally Strong and light.

Super light frame with intelligent damping torque effect: 
Easy to adjust and with excellent stability, Ergonomic design with optional materials & colors.

Available Colors:
Ferrari RED
Pepsi Blue.
Mid-Night Black.
Nimbus Grey.

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