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DMG Ecosite Bond 5ml


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Ecosite Bond

Freedom with your etching mode

  • Light-cured
  • 1-bottle universal bonding agent
  • Optimum bond strength
  • Easiest application with the one-bottle light-curing Ecosite Bond
  • Free choice of etching mode: Total-Etch, Selective-Etch or Self-Etch
  • Ideal for use with Ecosite Bulk Fill 

Freedom with your etching mode

Ecosite Bond is a light-curing, 1-bottle universal bonding agent with optimal bond strength.

Ideal for direct restorations of light-cured composite materials, Ecosite Bond offers freedom with your etching mode. 

Optimal Bond Strength.

Regardless of whether phosphoric acid etching has been carried out beforehand, or quick self-etch mode is used, Ecosite Bond demonstrates optimal bond strength in any situation! 

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