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DMG- Material : Ionosit baseliner Syrainge


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Gap-free restorations

Ionosit-Baseliner is the »stress breaker« among the dental materials. This light curing active baseliner is the ideal one-component underfilling material for composite restorations.
Its active chemistry compensates for the shrinkage typical with composite fillings, prevents marginal gap formations, and, with that, minimizes postoperative sensitivities, microfractures and secondary caries.
The material is radiopaque, provides fluoride release, and, due to its zinc content, has antibacterial properties.

Ionosit-Baseliner – for stress-free restorations.


Ionosit-Baseliner combines the optimum properties of glass ionomers andcomposites in one material. Ionosit-Baseliner expands by approx. 1% and this expansion counteracts the polymerization shrinkage stress of the composite.
It has been proven that Ionosit-Baseliner reacts with the dentine (data on file). This efficiently prevents the formation of a marginal gap and associated bacterial penetration. The dentine tubules are sealed and the pulpis protected from exogenic influences. This is a reliable and permanent means of preventing pulp damage and postoperative sensitivities. Ionosit-Baseliner serves as a stress-breaker for the entire cavity, as it counteracts the polymerization shrinkage of the restoration. Structural stress or microfractures in the composite are minimized. This guarantees durable, functionally reliable restorations.


Ionosit-Baseliner is applied in a layer of 1 mm thickness between dentine and composite.
Ionosit-Baseliner produces a release of fluoride and zinc ions. This provides protection at the junction between the tooth surface and the restoration, a particularly vulnerable area. The release of these substancesforms a protective barrier for the tooth.
The baseliner can be easily applied directly from the Saferinge developed by DMG.

Dentine interaction

Ionosit-Baseliner is not only capable of controlled expansion, rather, thanks to its innovative chemistry, it can also form a connection to dentine. This creates a so-called »reaction zone«. The crucial advantage: possible gaps created by polymerization shrinkage of the compositematerial are filled by Ionosit-Baseliner. Stress on the dentine interface can thus be avoided.

A visible gap-free »Reaction Zone« occurs between Ionosit-Baseliner and dentine.

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