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Necro pulp

Temporary Filling powder and liquid

Necro pulp is a mummifying agent with anesthetic, antiseptic and anti- in flammatory solution used for painless pulp mummification. It is used as paint or mixed with corresponding powder to form a paste used as sub liner under conventional temporary filling as DMTEMP. It has asedative effect so will make slow painless necrosis and mummification of pulp . It is recommended to relief painful acute condition of dental pulp to help endodontic treatment next visit. It contains cresol, phenol, and lidocaen. It is recommended in case of severe inflamed pulp to permit manipulation with no pain under regular anesthesia in the next visit, which is preferred to be 7-10 days from the subside of the acute condition. .Also It is recommended between endodontic visits. And may be used in pulpotomy for deciduous teeth.

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