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Experience the ease of optimized handling in your ideal viscosity with five universal CLOUD shades that cover the full VITA®1 range. 

Neo Spectra ST is a nano-ceramic, light-cured, radiopaque, universal composite with novel SphereTEC filler technology indicated for both, direct and indirect restorations. SphereTEC filler technology utilizes granulated spherical fillers in combination with an optimised resin matrix system to elevate performance in the areas that matter most to dentists: handling, esthetics, and longevity. • Preferred handling: Available in 2 handling options – LV (low-viscosity) or HV (high-viscosity), each non-sticky with excellent adaptation, sculptability, and slump resistance. • Simplified shading system: 5 universal CLOUD shades cover the full VITA®1 shade range • Lasting Aesthetics: Fast and easy polishing with high stain resistance and proven durability

Indications • Direct restorations of all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth. • Indirect fabrication of inlays, onlays and veneers.



Optimized hand ling, available in two viscosities to accomodoate preference.

Preferred handling that is non-sticky, easy to adapt and sculpt, with excellent slump resistance promotes procedure efficency.

Excellent cha meleon blending ability.

5 shades cover the full VITA®1 range (A1- A4) ensure accurate shade match and streamline inventory.

Micro-granula ted/submicron glass filler structure.

Fast & easy high-end polish promote pro cedure efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Stain Resistant

Resistant to restorati on color change from common colorants such as coffee, tea, red wine to ensure long term esthetic appearance.

Excellent Physical Properties

Durable, long term performance

16 x 0.25 g Neo Spectra ST flow - Compule Tips

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