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Dentolize - Silver Package


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1 Branch

10 Users

10 GB - Cloud Storage for HD xrays and Clinical pics

1000 SMS

Unlimited Rooms

Unlimited Data


Dentolize is created with a dentist mindset,

and a vision of giving you the maximum control over your businesses, saving your time & money, and giving you the optimum experience of working with a Practice Management Solution. This could be attained by making your Practice quite smoother, your Management much better, your Patients much happier, your Finance exceptionally simpler, your Associates way closer, and your accessibility extremely easier than ever before. And this all without the need for additional systems or software.
Smoother Practice  Dentolize has developed multiple tools to help you practice what you love with passion and do it smoother & faster than before. 
1) Mobile Application 
2) Patient Chart 
3) Patient Profiles 
4) Calendar & Appointments Dashboard
Happier Patients Dentolize has developed multiple tools to help you manage your patients, better communicate with them, and make them happy. 
1) WhatsApp-BOT 
2) Online Reservation 
3) Patients Feedback 
4) QR-Code 
5) Patient Reminder
Simpler Finances Dentolize has developed very powerful tools with a vision of making finance simpler for dentists and deliver you a consistent, relevant experience, across every stage in your financial journey. 
1) Inventory Management 
2) Billing System 
3) Invoicing Tool 
4) Invoice Builder 
5) Expenses Control 
6) Analytics & Reports
Unlimited training visits for your stuff.  
Customer service 24 hours.

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