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De Gotzen Amalgamator Softly 8


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softly8: universal high speed Amalgamator for pre-measured amalgam capsules

  • it is controlled by a microprocessor which ensures precise, repeatability of the selected time, to assure you of a controlled consistent mix;
  • the aesthetically pleasing ergonomic design of the softly8 allows for easy use and selection of the timer display;
  • the width of the oscillating range (25 mm), and the mixing frequency (4000/min ± 50/min) and the selection of the correct time required, provides a perfect homogeneity and consistency ideal for a wide range of your choice of amalgams;
  • softly8 is very stable, extremely quiet, and very easy to clean and maintain;
  • to assure you of a complete safe operation, softly8 is de-activated when you open the front cover to access the capsule;
  • softly8 is made completely of injection moulded ABS material. - it is in compliance with all electrical and mechanical safety standards. - this basic design coupled with the microprocessor control and the safety features make this unit simple and easy to use.
  • softly8 is characterized by following national and international codifications: Italian classification for the medical devices CND "Z12119002 - Amalgamatori" and Global Medical Device Nomenclature GMDN "38790".

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