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D.Acido Etch Gel 5ml


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  • 37% orthophosphoric acid gel
  • used before applying composite restoration.


Make normal isolation, clean the affected tooth and apply the gel to the desired area. Wait for 20 seconds, and then rinse with sufficient amount of water-air jet for at

least 15 seconds and finally dry with oil-free air jet for 15 seconds. White spots will be apparent in the enamel indicating good etch. If not repeat the


It is known that deciduous teeth, hypermineralized teeth as in old age and teeth with higher fluoride content require longer application time.

Side effects:

Side effects are extremely rare including hypersensitivity.

Storage / shelf life:

Always close the syringe immediately after use. It is recommended to withdraw the plunger shortly after use and clean the nozzle of the syringe needle.

Store in cool dry place

For professional use only, store in dry condition, with tightly closed pack

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