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COXO DB-686 DELI Light Cure


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Charger working voltage: AC100-240V,5O/60Hz

wavelength:: 420-480nm

Light power: ≥12OOmW/cm2

Solidification time and depth: 5s3mm

Volume(cm) 23X13X5.5

Weight(kg)/PCS O.6 Packing material carton


1-High power LED, purely dental blue light.

2-High articulation optical fiber.

3-Digital display, CIear and intuitive operation.

4-Three working modes: strong, gradually strong, flashing.

5-Optional workingr time: 5sec, 1Osec, 1 5sec, 2Osec.

6-Automatic inactive, automatic power off.

7-Low battery detection.

8-Removable large capacity Li-ion battery.

9-Soft pushbutton, nice feel.

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