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Coxo C-PUMA Master Dental electrical motor


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Electrical motor supplied with 1:5 contra angle

Max torque 3

Max speed 40000 RBM

Internal waterway spray

more comfortable

more stable

Ultra-strong air-cooled design

Hold a comfortable feel For you

Powerful LED Help you see more

Endomotor supplied with Mini head 6:1 contra angle

Max torque 5.1

speed 250-1200 RBM

7 mainstream brands

30+ file system

200+ file parameters

All touch screen

Easy to use with one finger

5 inch 800*480 px screen

All parameters are clear at a glance


Input power: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Display: 5 inch LCD screen, 800*480 px

Maximum speed: 40,000 rpm

Motor outer diameter: 20.6 mm

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