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COXO C-Smart 1Pro - Endo motor

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1- Endo motor With LED light With Apex locator

2- Big color LCD screenGive you what you want to know

3- Touch button designSimplicity and easy to use

4- Built-in mainstream systemNot only have 6 mainstream brands But also have 7 memory program seting.

5- High capacity battery: Can work continuously for a long time Rechargeable

6- RPM 150:600

7- Impored Special Motor : Mute·Big torque (0.6 to 5.2)

8- Motor with Apex locator (Three working mode):

M1:Apex locator mode - M2:Endo motor mode - M3:Dual mode

9- 16:1 Mini contra angleSmaller head, more easy to operate

10- LED lighting system;Detachable design, powerful LED, give you a clear vision

Adapter Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
lithium battery: DC7.4V, 2600mAh
Speed range: 150-650rpm
Torque range:
Protection against electrical shock: Type B

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