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COXO C-Blade Gutta Cutter


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Feature: rapid heating,release the button a few seconds for cooling,easy to use.

2.Using wireless charging technology,stylish,,fashionable.

3.2400mAh large capacity nickel cadmium rechargeable battery,avoid frequently charging trouble.

4.Fever needle can be sterilized,it can be repeatedly used.

5-Double unit rechange is available

6-Delicate handle ,and very comfortable

7-Single button operate,heat

8-Non-contact rechange design

9-Battery has large capacity,which is capable of 100 times use

10- has 4 different shape heat tip,can be sterilization under135C.can be used for various kinds of root canal.  


1.Battery:1.2v 2400mAh

2.Charger input voltage:220-240V,50-60Hz.


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