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CoreDeep Dental Unit 3603


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Special feature:

ceramic cuspidor is smooth and easy with full movable spiton 90°.

Integrated control head composites with touchpad, handpiece holder, tray holder and X-film viewer, easy to access

Touchpad serves as a convenient command center, controlling chair, light, cuspidor function, water heating and X-film viewer

Combine-movement of back rest, keeps the patient from having to readjusting when the backrest and seat cushion are in motion. Painted frame of chair prevent from rusting.

Swivel handpiece holder enlarges range of motion. Optional accessory holder for additional accessories benefits for future upgrades

5 preset positions simplify your practice

A-type dental light rotates horizontally and vertically with 5-intensity switch, benefits for precise light head positioning and better viewing on manual mode.

Articulating headrest could be easily adjusted to different positions, offers the most comfort to patient

3 modules with 4 hole , every module with separate air regulator .

Positioning function of whip arm system eases your tiredness from pulling hoses (Optional)

Swivel assistants arm and pivot holder provide with excellent range of motion

Chair-instrument lock and push-button arm break enable safe operation

Chair-light simultaneous on/off system

One main switch to control air, water and power

Chair movement can be easily controlled by both foot control and touchpad

Patient Chair:

Electrical chair movement


Chair-instrument lock

Articulated headrest

5 preset chair positions

4 way foot control

Round foot switch

A-type OP light with 5 different intensities

Dental stool

Assistant Element

Swivel assistants arm

Pivot holder with 3 positions

Autoclavable syringe (heat)


Saliva ejector

Suction filter system


Right-armrest for patient

Whip arm system

Accessory holder for additional accessories

Dentist Element:

* Control head with hanging handpiece hose

* Touchpad

* Push-button arm break

* Swivel handpiece holder with 4 positions

* Tray holder with autoclavable mat

* X-film viewer

* Air pressure gauge

* Autoclavable syringe (cold)

Water Unit:

* Swivel, integrated ceramic cuspidor

* 1-liter distilled water bottle

* Programmable cup fill and bowl rinse system

* Water heating system

* Air venturi system

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