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Coltene Paint On Color


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Paint on Color

Paint On Color products are light-curing intensive resin-based paints for intra and extraoral use, individual design and characterization of composite restorations or composite inlays/ onlays. The material is light-curing and faced with a layer of translucent composite.

Effect colours

The assortment comprises 7 colours (red, yellow, blue, brown, grey, white, white opaque). The colours can be mixed to individual additional colours (orange=red+yellow, purple=red+blue, green=blue+yellow, or brightened up colours by adding white).


· Individual characterisation of composite restorations and composite inlays/onlays.

· Drawing of fissures.

· Primer or intermediate layer of paint.

· Masking of enamel hypoplasias and discolourations.

· Neutralising unwanted colour deviations with pulp protection materials.

· Covering pretreated metal surfaces (colour: white opaque).

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