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Coltene Coltosol F Temporary filling (38g)


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Coltosol F, now with fluoride, is a non-eugenol temporary filling material for placement in Class I and II indications. The formula is radio-opaque with marginal adaptation. Coltosol F sets with saliva and can be removed.

Coltosol® F

Temporary Restorations

Economical & reliable

Coltosol F is a temporary, eugenol-free filling material. The ease of use and the self-curing under the action of saliva make Coltosol F an ideal filling material for temporary fillings and temporary root canal sealings. Available in shade Universal White.

  • fluoride-releasing, X-ray opaque
  • easy adaption and adhesion in the cavity
  • no mixing, easy to remove
  • self-curing under the action of saliva

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