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Coltene BRILLIANT NG Enamel Syringe 4g


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Simply natural

BRILLIANT NG is a universal composite aimed at simplifying the technique of application, achieving excellent aesthetic results.

Its pre-polymerised particle filling, in addition to high nanometric particle content, produce optimum consistency for manipulation and modelling along with a noticeable decrease in shrinkage and easily achievable high gloss surfaces. Its Duo Shade system allows it to obtain two shades from the same syringe, simplifying the selection of colour and inventory of syringes.

BRILLIANT NG is supplemented by BRILLIANT Flow. BRILLIANT Flow is a nanofilled radioopaque composite fluid, based on a successful, clinically proven technology. It is a stable material which generously flows under pressure - great thixotropic properties- to assure easy handling and precise application. Just like BRILLIANT NG, BRILLIANT Flow is based on the Duo Shade concept which enables easy colour selection and the best aesthetic results, guaranteed by its oustanding «Chameleon Effect» with natural teeth.

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