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Coltene BRILLIANT NG Kit - 6 syringes and Bond and Etch


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Excellent Aesthetics – Simple Technique
BRILLIANT NG is a universal composite aimed at simplifying
the technique of application, achieving excellent aesthetic
results. Its pre-polymerised particle filling, in addition to
high nanometric particle content, produce optimum consistency for manipulation and modelling along with a
noticeable decrease in shrinkage and easily achievable
high gloss surfaces. Its Duo Shade system allows it to obtain two shades from the same syringe, simplifying the selection of colour and inventory of syringes. 

„ Easy to model, non-sticky consistency
„ Insensitive to surgical lighting
„ Quickly and easily polished
„ Natural fluorescence
„ Reduces shrinkage due to pre-polymerised particles
„ Simplicity in choice of colour 

Nano-Hybrid Universal Composite
Owing to its optimized particle distribution, BRILLIANT NG
is indicated both for the anterior region with its high aesthetic demands such as polish and finish and for the posterior region with its extraordinary resistance to the forces
of chewing and abrasion. Indications: direct, semidirect
and indirect restorations (veneers or inlays). 

Enamel and Dentine Shade
Natural Layering Technique
Both shades mimic the colour, opacity and fluorescence of
natural tissues. Applied in two layers (dentine and enamel),
they imitate the tooth's internal structure and ensure lasting natural aesthetics. 


  • BRILLIANT NG Dentin:
    A1/B1, A2/B2, A3/D3 3×4g
  • BRILLIANT NG Enamel:
    A1/B1, A2/B2, A3/D3 3×4g
  • ONE COAT BOND SL 1×5ml
    ETCHANT GEL S 1×2.5ml 

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