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China Dispensing Gun 1:1


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FOR 1:1 Temporary Crown & Light

Product description


 Open the top of the dispenser and then pull the rack to reach the maximum. 

Put into impression material cartridge, and lock it by the dispenser. 

Promote the trigger to make the impression material come out smoothly from the cartidge After using, put the rack back to the original location. 

Remove the cartridge, then to repeat the above operation. 

Function for dental dispensing gun 

 No need Power and Air Pump. 

It is completely operated by hand, leggiere-design and easy to be taken. It is used for catalyst with mixing impression materials, silica gel or self-solidifying compound resins etc. Two-component dispensing guns can avoid pollution when it is used for mixing adhesives, fast-occlusion silica gel and various impression materials.

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