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Cerkamed Poland Alustat Foam 0.8g


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1b 3a 3bProperties:

  • 15% aluminium chloride
  • excellent absorption capacity ensures effectiveness of staunching the bleeding and exudates
  • pressure or infriction are not required what doesnt cause gingiva irritation
  • easy, fast and precise product application
  • a clean work area blood and exudates are completely absorbed, with no clot formation, what is usual for the other of that kind of products
  • soothes irritations thanks to its natural components
  • doesnt cause tissue discoloration
  • ensures comfortable and controlled reaction

Handling the product ALUSTAT Foam:

To stop the bleeding:

1.  Apply the product ALUSTAT FOAM directly on the bleeding spot 

2. Rinse after 2 minutes 

To retract the tissues:

1. Apply ALUSTAT FOAM to gingival sulcus using the applicator supplied

2. Rinse after 2 minutes 2b


1. Insert retraction cord into gingival sulcus and place ALUSTAT FOAM on the cord 

2. Rinse after 2 minutes 


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