Cavex Composite - Quadrant Syringe Universal LC


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Quadrant Universal Living Colors (QULC) is a universal hybrid composite enriched with sub-micron particles. This unique and well-balanced composition makes QULC easy to squirt, very easy to process with perfect wall adaptation and easy high gloss polishable.

Indications: class I, II, III, IV and V restorations .

Features :

  • strong chameleon effect
  • natural fluorescence
  • enriched with sub-micron particles
  • optimal consistency
  • does not stick to instruments
  • radiopaque
  • color stable
  • durable and wear resistant
  • perfect aesthetics
  • balanced 11 vitaTM shades
  • apt for mono & dual layering technique
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) free

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