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Bredent Vario Soft 3 Wax Matrix (8pcs)


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Soft matrices are available in three levels of retention. They have proven their reliability for 15 years to provide safety and ensure a high comfort of wear for the patient. The VS-3 offers its standard Patrix which requires the use of a lingual arm or an SV Patrix which is the perfect option for esthetic design, eliminating the need for a lingual arm.

  •  3 levels of retention
  •  Use with or without lingual arm (SV)
  •  Females easily replaceable chair side

Parallel and Interlock - made of special wax with a high melting point.

  •  Fast and secure attaching of the Interlocks.
  •  No damage of the die with the drilling of the Interlocks.
  •  Defined wall strength of only 0.4 mm.

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