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Bredent Milling Bur System


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Three-Stage milling burs for wax, metal, and polishing.

The Bredent Three Step Milling system consists of 3 burs of the identical shape, but each designed for different surface finishing. This will allow you to drastically cut finishing time by giving you the capability to precisely pre-mill in the wax stage. After casting, the metal milling bur is used to do the final finishing. This metal bur is exactly the same shape as the wax bur which minimizes the milling time required on the metal. The final high shine polish is achieved with the polishing bur. Using this system, you can save costs, time and material.

Tapered Burs:

  •   Flat-Top Polishing - Milling Burs :

           2° F1862P23 -  4° F1862P31 - 6° F1862P40

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