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Bredent Dipping Waxes


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Dipping Wax:

Using this method you can save up to 90 % of your material costs compared to copings made using vacuum forming systems. The dipping wax requires no separating medium for removal from smooth preparations or metalwork. The wax forms a constant thickness. Dipping wax is supplied as beads. An extremely precise pattern produced using our dipping wax without the need to re-wax the cervical margin.

Dipping Wax
Canary yellow, 130g #51000850
Red, 130g #51000860
Green, 130g #51000870

Super-elastic dipping wax for highly precise wax copings

Elaflex, Purple
130g                #51000900

Dipping wax allowing visual control at a wax thickness of 0.3 mm. At a wax thickness of more than 0.4 mm the die is no longer visible. The die becomes visible at a layer thickness of 0.3mm. Less finishing work is required if a precise wax thickness is ensured.
 Visio-Dip, Mustard Yellow
130g                #51000730

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