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Bredent Biohpp For 2 Press


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What is BioHPP?
Ceramic reinforced, semicrystalline Thermoplast for extreme durability, especially for frameworks.

The base material is a Polyetheretherketon (PEEK) a technical and industrial high performance polymer.

BioHPP was developed specially for the intraoral use as a veneerable framework material.

A high-performance certified dental product polymer, has a great potential as framework material both for fixed and removable dental prosthesis.

20% ceramic filler added for high mechanical material properties, especially for dental technical use.

Advantages of BioHPP

  • Shock absorber, protects implants against high chewing compressions.
  • Material elasticity is similar to the bone.
  • Bio-compatible, chemical stability, resistance to gamma, x-ray radiation and radiological transparency.
  • Low density, light weight.
  • Abrasion resistant like human teeth.
  • Veneerable with composite materials.
  • Permanent friction of connected elements like attachment, telescopic and bar structures.

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