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Bredent Abraso-Gum Assortment


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For polishing of the occlusal surface. The tip of the Abraso-Gum has a very fine diameter of only 3mm. It finishes the occlusion and grooves very precisely. The system has 3 different textures ranging from Semi-Precious (PM) to Non-Precious (NP). * The matching holder enables you to quickly exchange the Abraso-Gum, holds it securely and prevents loosening.

  Abraso-Gum Assortment (#52000152)

  • 12 Abraso-Gum red
  • 12 Abraso-Gum blue
  • 12 Abraso-Gum green 12 Abraso-Gum black
  • 12 Abraso-Gum brown
  • 1 Gummy Holder

  • The red Abraso-Gum has a high abrasive. With this rubber polisher you can finish the metal right after casting.
  • The blue Abraso-Gum is the middle grade abrasive that removes the scratches that were produced from the red Abraso-Gum and prepares the metal for highshine.
  • The green Abraso-Gum has a fine texture and produces a highshine. If the metal was prepared with the blue, a highshine will be produced in an extremely short time.
  • The black Abraso-Gum has a very high abrasiveness. It is specially designed for non-precious alloys. With this rubber polisher you can smooth and work the metal over immediately after it is cast.
  • The texture of the brown is made to finish the surface from the black. The brown removes the scratches from the black and prepares the non-precious metal for the highshine.

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