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BMS Lubrioil (500ml)


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Handpiece Oil Spray

Bottle 500 ml

Made in Italy

Universal handpiece oil spray. All purpose Handpiece Lubricant Spray for maintenance of all dental handpieces including highspeed, slow speed and air motors.

Indications: Highly effective lubrication for all high and slow speed dental rotary handpieces. LUBRIOIL contains anti-rust agent that prevents micro rust on inner bearings. High penetrative ability to ensure thorough coating of bearing surface. Each can contains a high volume pressure to provide maximum bearing rotation during oiling. High internal pressure of 70+Psi (4.8atm) at 20ºC. Cans are compatible with the most renowed brands. Clear in colour, peppermint aroma.

Directions for use: Insert into back of handpiece and spray through for one to two seconds immediately after each use and before sterilisation. Wipe excess thoroughly. Important: Hold can in a vertical position when in use. Refer to handpiece maintenance instructions where applicable.

Composition: White mineral oil, contains trace of peppermint oil.

Packaging: 500ml spray can

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