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BMS Endoray DC Mobile X-Ray Machine


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Technical Data

Class I Electro-medical Apparatus with type-B part applied


Constant Potential radiographic managed by microprocessor


0.800kW Rated electrical Power

100 KHz High frequency technology

0.7 mm (IEC 336) Focal Spot

6 A Absorption

6cm  Of long cone at the end of spacer ?

2mm AL eq. Total filtration

4-7 mA Selectable anodic current

60-70 KVp Selectable voltage to x-ray tube

 0.25 mGy/h a 1 meter from focus 1 Dispersed radiation

20 mSec-1000 mSec  scala R 10 Exposure time

190-240 V 50/60 Hz Intermittent operation power supply

1/30 1 sec. Exposure 30 sec. reset max Intermittent operation

F.F.20 cm Distance

F 6,3 A T Fuse

wireless Deadman logic control


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