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BlancOne Rituals Bleaching Kit


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A box full of your brightest smiles.

The BlancOne® RITUALS set is enclosed in a limited edition and exclusive metal box available in different versions.
The SMILE BOX will become your memory box where you can collect pictures, small objects and cards connected to happy moments of your life.

Each metal box includes: 1 BlancOne® BRUSH, 1 BlancOne® DUETTO Active, 1 BlancOne® DUETTO Care, 1 BlancOne® STICK, 2 BlancOne® LIPS 

  • Prolonging The Results Of The Professional Whitening Treatment
  • Removing Plaque And Superficial Stains
  • Taking Care Of The Health And Beauty Of Your Smile Thanks To Small Daily Actions


The BlancOne® RITUALS Set Includes Products Dedicated To The Beauty And Care Of Your Smile.

BlancOne® RITUALS Is The Perfect Complement To The Professional Whitening Treatment For A Longer Lasting Result.

These Are Simple And Fast Daily Rituals To Be Performed In The Morning And At Night. 

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