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BISCO Z-Prime™ Plus (0.5ml)


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Made in USA

Bottle 0.5ml

Zirconia – Alumina – Metal Primer Z-Prime Plus is a single-component priming agent used to enhance adhesion between indirect restorative materials and resin cements.

Z-Prime Plus significantly enhances bond strengths to Zirconia, Alumina and Metal substrates due to its unique combination of two active monomers, MDP, a phosphate monomer, and BPDM, a carboxylate monomer.* This combination of primers gives Z-Prime Plus a synergistic effect resulting in its high bond strengths.*

Unique Benefits:

• High bond strengths to Zirconia, Alumina and Metal restorations • Compatible with light-cured and dual-cured resin luting cements • Convenient, single bottle delivery offers ease of dispensing • Versatility and durability with many different substrates • Significantly enhances bond strengths of other resin cements*

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