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Bisco Modeling Resin 1.5g


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Sculpting and Wetting Agent for Composite

Modeling Resin is a light-curable, low viscosity microfilled resin (30% by weight) designed for use as a composite sculpting resin. By wetting your instrument with Modeling Resin, you can facilitate the placement and sculpting of all direct composite restorations without the worries of having the composite stick to the instrument. Unlike adhesives, Modeling Resin contains no solvent and is HEMA-free, so it will enhance composite placement without weakening the restoration.

Can I use a bonding adhesive as a wetting agent for my composite placement instruments?
BISCO does not recommend the use of bonding adhesives for this purpose due to its chemical composition. They contain solvents such as acetone or alcohol which could weaken the restoration. BISCO recommends the use of Modeling Resin. It is designed to be used as a wetting agent and facilitate the placement of all direct composite restorations.

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