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BioPLATE Barrier membrane

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The membrane is made of natural, highly purified bovine pericardium. It has high strength and moderate tensile strength. It is irreplaceable for GTR and GBR therapy. It has two dissimilar surfaces – smooth and woolly. The high strength and elasticity of the membrane allows it to be fixed in the place of implantation without damage to the structure. Creates a barrier after grafting osteoplastic material and prevents the migration of soft tissues. Controlled and standardized manufacturing technology guarantees biological compatibility, no immune response, and stable clinical effectiveness with predictable results. The bioPLATE Barrier membrane is bioresorbable, which allows to avoid surgery to remove it, and, consequently, additional trauma to the patient.

The biological compatibility of the bioPLATE Barrier membrane has been repeatedly proven in experimental studies, and its effectiveness has been confirmed by the results of clinical application. Publications describing the results of using this product can be found in the "Publications" section.

With the bioPLATE Barrier membrane, your bone plastic will always be protected. 

Indications for use

  • GBR therapy (horizontal augmentation)
  • GBR therapy (vertical augmentation)
  • Creating a mechanical barrier that prevents soft tissue migration
  • Reconstruction of the alveolar process
  • Blood clot stabilization
  • Fixation of osteoplastic material
  • Closure of perforations of the maxillary sinus
  • Closing of mandibular canal perforations 

Physical and mechanical properties

The membrane is convenient to use due to its physical and mechanical properties:

  1. It does not always require additional fixation due to its high hydrophilic properties.
  2. Has a high strength at break and the erupting thread.
  3. Tightly stabilizes the graft even of a small volume.The membrane acts as an exoskeleton and protects the augmentate from ingrowing of the mucosa. When exposed, the membrane is not infected, the tissues heal by secondary tension 

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