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Bioclear Intro Kits


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Buying one of the Intro kits is the best option to try the different shapes of the matrices so that you can build your own opinion.

Anterior Intro Kit contains :

2 X upper Mesials A101

2X Upper distals A102

2X Small incissors A103

2 X Upper Mesials Diastema Closure DC201

2X Upper Distals Diastema Closure DC202

2X Small Incissors Diastema Closure DC203

5 X Diamond wedges , 1 of each size

Posterior Intro Kit contains:

2X Biofit HD 4.5mm

2X Biofit HD 5.5mm

2X Biofit HD 6.5mm

2X Biofit Blue 4.5mm

2X Biofit Blue 5.5mm

2X Biofit Blue 6.5mm

5 X Diamond wedges , 1 of each size

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