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Bioclear Diamond Wedges


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The Bioclear Diamond Wedge is designed to solve many of the difficulties in using traditional, rigid wedges. The Diamond Wedge requires less effort to place than traditional wedges due to the diamond shaped cut-out in the tip, which collapses during insertion. The wedge then springs open once through the embrasure, creating a tight seal and preventing the wedge from backing out. While still maintaining strong tooth separation, the flexibility of the Diamond Wedge creates an excellent marginal adaptation which eliminates the uncontrolled flow of excess composite and minimizes clean up after the composite has been cured. 

Due to the flexible diamond hole in the tip, the Bioclear Diamond Wedge is easy to place, creates a tight seal, maintains strong separation, and will not back out. 

Comes in refill of 25Pcs same design or kits of 80 Pcs total , 16 Pcs each design


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